SANDAG Expenditures as of 01/22/2018      Caltrans Expenditures as of 12/31/2017    Schedules as of 01/17/2018

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Completed Budget Phases
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Progress continues on transportation projects in the San Diego region in large part because of TransNet, the county's half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. Over the next 40 years, TransNet will generate $14 billion for transportation improvement projects and programs. SANDAG, and its transportation partners, have created the TransNet Dashboard to keep the public informed on the status of TransNet projects. The TransNet Dashboard is also used as a project and program management tool. The TransNet Dashboard provides up-to-date schedule, budget, and expenditure information.

The TransNet Dashboard is divided into three main viewing sections. Data can be observed at the program, corridor, or project segment level by clicking on the appropriate tab. Data specific to a corridor or project segment can be accessed from the "view information for" pull-down menu. Within these views, snapshot, cash flow, schedule, trends, and budget data are available. The stoplight and gauges provide quick budget and schedule status at a glance. The number next to the traffic signal indicates the quantity of corridors, segments, or phases at the status green (on-target), yellow (caution), or red (at risk). The gauges move from green to red as risks to the schedule and budget increase. TransNet funds are used to leverage project funding from other sources. Expenditures of all private, local, state, federal and TransNet funding are tracked from project inception. Notes are provided on the snapshot view to document significant project developments.